American United Logistics President and co-founder Richard Raley is a driving force behind the Kuwait-based company's rise to prominence in the distribution and logistical services industry. With a significant presence in the Middle East, American United Logistics provides reliable and cost-effective transportation, container repair, freight forwarding, warehousing, stevedoring, private security, civil engineering, and mobile servicing. Before establishing American United Logistics in 2003, Richard Raley pursued a variety of profitable business ventures.

In order to maintain a hands-on approach to his responsibilities at American United Logistics, Richard Raley spent the last two years living in the Middle East. Richard Raley focuses on delivering exceptional results and customer service to build long-term professional relationships with substantial clients such as the United States Army, the United Nations, The Boeing Company, and KBR, Inc. To expand the list of services American United Logistics offers its extensive clientele, Richard Raley pursues mutually beneficial business alliances with companies such as Texcalibur Armor, Terex Corporation, and Thermo King Corporation. Additionally, Richard Raley and other members of the American United Logistics executive team acquired a two-year leasing agreement with Umm Qaser, Iraq to ensure clients' ships will be unhindered at the large Iraqi port.

Richard Raley and the entire American United Logistics staff strive to exceed client expectations. To date, the company has delivered more than 4 million bags of United States Central Command-approved ice to American military installations throughout Iraq, often dispatching as many as 14 refrigerated container trucks in a single day. American United Logistics also procured a container-repair and re-stenciling contract with the United States Army, and the firm's skilled technicians average 25 completed containers daily. Thanks in part to the business management acumen of Richard Raley, American United Logistics earned the Military Surface Deployment Distribution Quality Service Award and the National Defense Transportation Association Quality Award.

Richard Raley belongs to the American Business Council - Kuwait and holds membership in the National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA). A generous donor, Richard Raley frequently contributes to the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and the Keith Brooking Children's Foundation.

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